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Is there ever a time where a relaxing hot bath and a moisturizing face mask doesn’t sound amazing? We didn’t think so.. Spending excess time indoors has highlighted new indulgences we can invest in at home and alongside self-care, and learning to treat and style our own hair is at the top of the list! Follow along for a few of our favorite self-care approved styling tips!

Cleanse With Confidence

Whether you’re stressed or simply looking for a few minutes for yourself, taking a refreshing shower is a great place to unwind. However, washing your hair too frequently can sometimes have adverse effects. From stripping your scalp and strands of necessary oils to the effect frequent washing has on your color, not all shampoos are created equally, which is why you’ll need to choose wisely. With Keune’s gentle yet effective formulas, you’ll be able to cleanse with confidence with all hair types, textures, and concerns. Featuring a wide range of cleansers specifically for colored, lightened, textured, damaged, lackluster, or frizz-prone hair — take your pick from Keune Tinta Color, Color Brillianz, Silver Savior, Curl Control, Vital Nutrition, Keratin Smooth, Absolute Volume, Derma Sensitive, Derma Regulate, Derma Exfoliate or Satin Oil. 


Each head of hair is vastly different from one another and even within a single head, there is the possibility of a multitude of various needs. Your ends could us an extra dose of deep repair while your roots might be craving a smoothing finish. In an effort to multi-task and receive the benefits your hair really needs, consider applying different masks throughout your hair to create a truly bespoke care routine. 

Air-Dry With Ease

In an effort to cut down on excess heat damage and take a few extra moments for yourself, consider upgrading your air-dry routine.To guarantee a fool-proof finish, it is essential to start by looking at the health of your hair. After cleansing hair, apply a leave-in designed to nourish and style your strands. 

A few of our favorites include: 

Curl Control Curl Boost Spray + Keratin Smooth Smoothing Serum


Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray + Satin Oil Treatment