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Natural placement, blended tones and a glossy finish — Wella Professionals Perfect Lights Shadow Lights Vanilla Blonde is proving to be a must-have shade of summer. Curious to learn more about the look? Keep reading. 

Wella Professionals Perfect Lights consist of two key color services that are ideal to meet the latest trends. 

  • Mirror Lights — great for modernizing 100% grey coverage services
  • Shadow Lights — the ultimate upgrade to classic highlights

Get To Know Wella Professionals Shadow Lights

Over time, clients who regularly have their hair highlighted can start to look washed out or monochromatic. This is because there is not enough dimension to their overall look. By adding more contrast, their appearance will highlight more highs and lows throughout giving it a more luxurious finish. 

Taking a deeper look at Shadow Lights, this technique adds contrasting or complementary tones throughout the hair to enhance multi-tonal reflects. This can be done through various placement methods such as a combination of microlights, slices or fine weaves to create a true-to-tone result. 

The Formulas:

Base lights:

Accent shade:

Targeted glaze:

The Steps: Shadowlights Vanilla Blonde

Step 1. For best results and a natural finish, vary the size of your weaves and microlights on a diagonal angle. 

Step 2. Every fourth weave, place the accent shade under the recession area.

Step 3. Develop for 40 minutes

Step 4. Once developed, rinse and glaze the lighter areas to enhance the accent shade.

*Pro-tip: Tease sections to create a softer transition between lightened areas and the natural color. 

The Result:


Color Care:

ColorMotion+ Shampoo and Conditioner 

ColorMotion+ is the ideal follow on care for this service to ensure lightened hair gets the TLC it deserves. Perfect for long hair, this system will repair and protect the hair leaving it more resilient against breakage.