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If visiting the salon on an every 4-6 week basis just isn’t your thing, but you still crave lightened locks, you’re in luck--there’s a new style giving clients the chance to go blonde without having to touch up signs of growth for months. Enter: the smudged root trend. This strategic color placement blends together your natural color with your desired shade, without any harsh lines. Making maintenance for the client and outcome for the stylist a win-win situation! Read on to find why smudged roots have quickly become a top salon service.

Low Maintenance

If the concept of balayage highlights is too much to maintain, you’re going to love the smudged root trend. During your initial color service, the stylist creates a subtle ombre effect at the roots, then transitions into a balayage effect at the mid-lengths and ends. Not only does the color look gradual and natural, but you can also go a couple of months before you have to touch-up. You can also get away with applying a few root smudges in between highlighting appointments to stretch out the services. 


This year it was all about “natural,” lived-in looks, but platinum tresses are having a moment yet again. The great thing about the smudged root trend is that darker, blended roots add a shadow to your lightened strands (think: the same effect as a highlight-and-contour makeup look), providing drama without completely washing you out. If anything, smudged roots have brought back the platinum blonde trend. Case in point: Lady Gaga!

Better with time

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of this color service? Your transformation will still look great as the color grows and fades. No matter what lightened hue you’re after, this trend promises to give you the most bang for your buck while still maintaining fresh-looking locks. 

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