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Spring break is upon us and while immersed in the shining sun, we often forget about the damage the chlorine and salty beach water can have on our hair. Whether you're going on a beach hideaway or a full-fledged spring break MTV style, there are certain hairstyles you should be taking with you.



Braid styles are always a go-to when vacationing. It is the perfect low-maintenance style for all things spring break related. Pair a messy, loose side braid with your favorite bikini for a fun day in the sun. To get the look, add StyleLink Height Riser Volumizing Powder to your roots and down your length. Pull your hair to one side of your head, separate your locks into three sections, and begin crossing each section over one another (left over middle, middle over right and so on) all the way down to the end. Secure the ends with an elastic so your braid doesn’t come undone, and give it a small spritz of hairspray. If braids are something you want to keep all spring break long, make sure to pack a dry shampoo to rid it of extra oils.


Volume Pony

A lot of volume will take your basic ponytail to a whole new level. It will be your go-to style on a beach hideaway for brunch in your most notable sundress. Be sure to pack a teasing comb to get the volume, texture and thickness you need. To get the look, create a front section from your ears to your crown, and clip it away. Pull the back section of hair into a ponytail at your desired height. Grab your teasing comb for your top section, and backcomb slightly to reduce the chance of breakage. Add that section to your back section with an additional elastic and finish the look with a mist of hairspray. The next time you wash your hair, comb out any tangles and use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.



Rocking a super high smooth top knot is a chic way to protect your ends from hot and humid weather, while looking chic at the same time. With this low-maintenance style, you can go old school with a sock bun or simplistic by twisting your hair around your ponytail base. To get the hold you’re looking for, make sure you are using a hairspray after you prep your mane and right before you pull it back into the slick ponytail. Also, for the 90’s donut bun, pack socks that you don’t mind cutting up and wide elastic bands that won’t pop while trying to fit your voluminous bun in it.


Half Bun-Half Down

Twisting up only half of your tresses into a mini bun on top of your head will give off a super cute boho chic vacay vibe. If you have a shorter cut, like a bob or lob, create the illusion of fullness and volume by applying StyleLink Shape Switcher Molding Paste for a strong-hold on the top half of your hair at the crown and secure your mini bun with a small elastic, curl your ends using Bio Ionic’s GoldPro Curling Iron, and use your fingers to loosen your curls for a flowing cascade of waves.

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