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‘Tis the season for new beginnings, and the same can apply to your hair. No matter your natural texture, there is a trending haircut out there for you to try for spring. Whether you want to embrace a whole new style or upgrade your grooming game, there are a few products you must add to your arsenal.

Buzz Cut & Color

Nothing screams new beginning the way a buzzed head does. Buzzed doesn’t mean bald, or a number 0 all around, try a number 1 or 2 if you’re wary of saying goodbye to your locks. Plus, 2018 is all about emphasizing your individual style, so why not kick it up a notch with a color that speaks to your uniqueness! To keep your hair color vibrant and your hair healthy, you’ll need products that are hydrating and color-safe. Shampooing your hair less frequently will prevent water from washing out your color but when you do shampoo, make sure you’re using a quality color safe shampoo no more than three times a week. Colored hair also calls for a color-protecting conditioner to help your hair look and feel healthy.


The sun is back and it’s time for BBQ dinner parties and a slicked back hairstyle to match your casual outing. While it is a classic style, better products have arrived to get the hold you need to rock it all day, and night if need be. Start off by spraying your freshly washed hair with a texture spray before blow drying it. To keep your hair as smooth as possible, use a paddle brush to direct your hair where to go. For extra hold, add a paste from your edges to your ends, and finish was a strong hold hairspray to set.


An undercut is a springtime classic, but an upgrade is in order for the hair that is free-flowing up top. In years past, it was all about the man-bun, but braids add so much more badassness to the multi-layered haircut. If braiding is not your forte, you will want to seek a professional to have your braids looking fly. In between time, you want to invest in a dry shampoo to use when your braids start to look oily. StyleLink Mineral Play Back Dry Shampoo has minerals that work to absorb oils and impurities, extending and refreshing your look.

Natural Hair

Again, 2018 is all about individual style, and embracing your natural locks is definitely well within those parameters. Rocking your natural strands can often be daunting because it takes time to master and product experiments to get just what you’re looking for. If you’re used to washing-and-going, with literally no product in between, start with a styling cream. Once your hair is towel-dried apply a light-weight cream to keep your hair frizz free and your strands in place. StyleLink Mineral Grip Definer Texture Cream will be your spring break go-to for roughed up locks with lightweight grip. It’s a texture cream made to enhance your natural hair with a micromineral, that gives a non-sticky shape and hold.

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