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Instagram is the single most disruptive marketing tool in the last two decades! Growing our business behind the chair and our brands in general via IG is no longer an option it’s a necessity. Utilizing Instagram as a one-stop shop for promotions, building a book, advertisements and networking can take you places you never dreamed of in your career. You can do it all by putting in the work. 

Showcasing quick and easy styles on your current guests can be daunting at first. But utilizing these simple techniques in order to build your brand on IG makes it not so intimidating after all! 

TIP #1 

Keep it simple. Try an off-center bold braid on a smooth finish. We are seeing an overuse of flash waves and curls so go against the grain (and stand out) by creating something sleek and simple. This look was created using Pureology’s Hydrate Shine Max. Notice no use of an elastic makes it that more interesting and seamless. 

TIP #2

Use accessories. The use of simple beautiful hair pieces can make your style stand out. Here you can see the use of three closed gold pins.


TIP #3 

Switch up your styles. Try to create something different for each guest. That way your IG wall doesn’t look like the same photo recreated over and over again. This braid is held in place by Pureology’s medium hold spray - Strengthening Control. 


TIP #4

Your work doesn’t have to stay all day. It only has to stay for the minute you take the photo. This is the ‘smoke and mirrors’ trick. Pin your style in place but don’t waste time over pinning. This style is pinned in using four bobby pins and the use of Pureology’s Density Definer. This gives it definition and shine!

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