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The finished style is everyone’s favorite part of a salon service, and as a colorist it can be the pièce de résistance of your color work. While placement, technique, product, and tone are all important aspects of the color process, part of understanding how to create a color that best suits your client means taking into account how they style their hair. Your client's natural texture, lifestyle, routine and desired outcome should shape your decisions behind the chair. This is why we’re looking at the latest styling techniques of the season and breaking down how they can help show off your clients' color!


First thing’s first…

During the client consultation, asking questions about their natural texture, the allotted time for styling, and their daily routines - ie. Are they a morning or evening shower person? This will help you design a routine for their color and style.


A New Wave


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While the beachy wave held the top spot in styling last decade, a new wave is hitting the salon sphere for 2020! Alongside lived-in color, barely-there balayage or a punchy pastel, use a combination of curling iron sizes and techniques to create a more “natural” wave. After air- or blow-drying, mix ribboning with flat wrapping and curling iron pin curl waves to add depth and variation to their style. Explain to your client that it is more about playing with the hair to create a textured look than creating the perfect cascading wave. The reason we love this style is the ability to show off the many layers of color you’ve created, no matter how subtle it may be.

When creating an attainable wave look for your client there are two routes you can take - using product or tools. If your client is more of a “out the door in 5 minutes” person in the morning suggest either style prep the night before, or if possible a leave-in product that can create seamless results.


Straight & Sleek


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If the runways were any indication, polished blowouts and sleek straight styles have undoubtedly made a comeback this season. While any shade can rock this style, we find that all over tones make the most of this look. More-so, to accomplish a runway-worthy look, you’ll want to educate your clients about best practices for healthy hair. When styles are straight, split ends or porous strands can show tenfold. Offer your clients a fresh gloss and a sleek blowout to show off this look in its best light. The upkeep? Clients will want to schedule regular trims and gloss appointments to keep hair and tone looking their best!


Barely-There Bend


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Clients are on the constant search for a low-maintenance style with an effortless finish. They are spending less time creating their look and more time living in it, which is why the undone feel of a barely-there bend is so appealing. A look that complements any color, we especially love this for the new movement of brunette color trends. Quickly becoming a style staple, brunettes are embracing their depth and opting for subtle highlights with a range of undertones. Achieve this look by positioning the hair behind the ear post-blowout or by utilizing a 1.5”-2” curling iron on air or paddle brush dried hair. The slight bend on a polished look allows for light to accentuate all the right areas, without taking away from the color or your client's overall style.