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Information, techniques, wash days, products — there is so much on the market now about curl care that it can be confusing to know where to start. If you’re looking to improve the look, feel and style of your curls, the best thing you can do is take a peek at your routine or try out a new style. Case in point: Botticelli Waves! This new hair trend marries the individuality of your texture pattern with unparalleled romanticism. To get the look, take a peek at a few of our top haircare tips and techniques to get the most out of your natural texture and create this top trending look. 

Cut Down on Heat

As with any texture pattern, excessive heat styling has the ability to harm your hair and therefore your curls. Over time, you could notice a loss in definition and an increase in frizz. Often caused by damage and dryness — the first step is to learn how to air dry and then next is to know which products to add to your routine to increase moisture and hydration. 

Treat & Protect

If it feels like your products just aren’t working for you anymore, think about detoxing your current routine and swapping them out for new choices. Start in the shower with a weekly scalp regimen that removes product buildup and invigorates the scalp — KEVIN.MURPHY SCALP.SPA SCRUB and WASH are the obvious choices for this. Created with perlite to give your scalp a healthy exfoliation, this formula is ideal for curly hair types to ensure the product penetrates to the scalp before it's washed away.


Then, pick a WASH that works with your hair type. If you need extra control and definition consider SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH + RINSE or if you’re looking for hydration HYDRATE-ME.WASH + RINSE are ideal. 


Following any shower, always apply a leave-in treatment to lock in moisture and help deter frizz — STAYING.ALIVE is a great primer for all hair types while LEAVE-IN.REPAIR is ideal for thicker textures. From here, you can either apply MOTION.LOTION, KILLER.WAVES or KILLER.CURLS depending on your curl pattern and desired effect. 


Add Volume

A step that is often missed is the addition of volumising products. While curly textures tend to have more volume, they can easily fall flat at the new growth area. For an easy fix, take a page out of @jaymejo's book and add EVER.BOUNCE and EVER.LIFT to your diffuse drying process to add more oomph to your style. 


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Don’t Forget to Finish

Curly hair often follows a wash and wear routine, but your style could seriously be missing out if you’re not following a finishing regimen. Once curls are completely dry, adding a texturiser, shine spray or oil can help lock in definition and extend the life of your style. DOO.OVER or BEDROOM.HAIR is ideal for texture, while SHIMMER.SHINE instantly adds shine and SESSION.SPRAY guards against frizz. Once hair is completely dry, use a finishing brush to gently brush out waves to create a truly ethereal finish Botticelli would be proud of!