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Bright and bold isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. Sometimes clients just want a subtle update to give them a fresh new feel. Due to the change in season, you’re going to see more and more clients coming in that are looking for a temporary shade or an update of their tried and true tone, keep reading to see our favorite picks of the season for the low-maintenance individual in your chair.

Level 9 or Higher

The thing about pastel shades or temporary washes is that you need pre-lightened hair in most cases for the shade to show up. If your client is looking for a subtle blue, green, pink or lilac pastel, inform them that they might need highlights or an all-over color to brighten their base before going for the gloss. If they aren’t looking to make a big transition, assure them that subtle highlights could be the key to getting the look they desire. Washed out highlights from the summer season is the perfect canvas for a pastel pick-me-up.


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Levels 5-8

This mid-tone brunette, redhead or blonde range can still wear a temporary pastel shade or choose to slightly darken their strands for an even tone. Try leaning toward rose gold or reds if they’re looking for a fun shade. If they want something a little less colorful, opt to go 1-2 shades darker than their natural tone with a semi color. This will give them the change they need, even if just for the season.


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Level 4 or Darker

For darker clients, we suggest an auburn or deep violet gloss or the addition of a few light brown highlights. Think a subtle ombre or understated peek-a-boo highlights – just enough dimension to add interest when their hair is curled, but not enough to need to constantly need their roots touched up.


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