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With winter subsiding, things are starting to heat up and the summer months are going to be here before we know it! Summer is such a great time to let your hair down, throw on your favorite flowy dress, and step out into the warm sun. But, just as you would protect your skin from the sun using sunscreen, you should also be bracing your curls for the summer heat. 

To do this, hydration will be your best friend! Spending countless hours in the sun and going in and out of chlorine-filled pools can seriously dry out your curls and leave them flat and lackluster. Luckily, properly hydrating your hair throughout these months (and really all year round) will be a pivotal part of your curly hair routine.

One of our favorite ways to upkeep curls in the summer is by using the HydraSource line by Biolage. This line is packed with a family of ingredients centered around hydration, including soothing aloe! All of these ingredients work together to moisturize even the driest hair and revive your curls! Here’s our recommended routine.


The Steps:

Step One: Wash

First things first, you’ll need to cleanse your hair with the HydraSource Shampoo. This shampoo works great on curls because it gently cleanses the hair while also balancing the moisture levels of the strands. Then, once you rinse your hair, you’re left with strands that are clean, moisturized, and shiny!

Step Two: Deep Condition

If you’re starting your summer curly hair routine a bit later in the season or just need extra hydration, we recommend using the HydraSource Deep Treatment Pack. This an express deep conditioning product that will give you instantly nourished curls in as little as five minutes! This is a step that you can do once or twice a month!

Step 3: Condition

For more of a regular summer curly hair routine, you can use the HydraSource Conditioning Balm. While the shampoo helps to moisturize your hair, this conditioning balm works to lock in that moisture so that your hair won’t dry out during your daily activities. Formulated with aloe and a fragrance of mandarin, rose, and sandalwood, this conditioning balm will leave your hair up to 15 times more moisturized and super soft!

Step 4: Leave-In

Finally, when it comes to styling curly hair in the summer, it’s great to go natural! Boost your natural curls with the help of the Biolage All-In-One Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Spray. This leave-in is perfect to apply to your curls either right after the shower when your hair is still damp or on your dry, second, or third-day curls! Plus, if you plan on doing some styling, this spray also works as a primer, detangler, heat protectant, and frizz controller!


Written By: Sahara