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Just like your skin routine, caring for your hair changes from season to season. As the temps begin to rise, it’s time to ditch the winter regimen and update your style for summer. Follow along below for our favorite ways to take care of your hair this Summer.

Go a day (or two) without washing. With the heat, the sun and sometimes the surf, your hair needs a break. Washing your hair everyday can increase oil production on your scalp, so waiting a day or two between washes can be beneficial. If you’re not a fan of the greasy look, use dry shampoo #comeclean to soak up excess oil and refresh your style. Make sure to lift each section as your spray and use your fingers or a comb and a blow dryer to disperse the product. For a foolproof style, spray in your hair before you head to bed and you’ll wake up with flawless hair.

Fake the Beach. While beach-worthy styles embody what we all love about the season, not all of us are lucky enough to have access to a beach for the summer.  With sea salt spray #catchawave it's easy enough to emulate the look without the sand! Simple spritz on towel-dried hair for a simple way to air-dry, or apply to dry hair to revive your texture.

Prep your strands. How great does it feel to run your fingers through smooth, silky hair? The key to getting a perfect blowout often lies in what you put on your strands prior to styling. While products can help nourish your hair, they can also aid in keeping your style in place. polish #mixitsoft is the perfect accompaniment to any look, not only does it lead to soft, manageable strands, it controls them as well. To amp up the hold factor, mix with gel #mixitstrong.

Stash a secret weapon.  You never know when a barbeque or beach sesh will turn into a wild night out! When in doubt, always stash powder #roundtwo in your purse. This tiny bottle packs a heavy punch! Not only does it soak up excess oil (acting as a dry shampoo) it adds volume and a lived-in feel to your style.

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