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Whenever summer comes around, you can just feel the excitement in the air. Everyone is outside more often, jeans and long sleeves turn into crop tops and flowy skirts, and the ice cream man’s jingles fill the neighborhood. Summer is a time of year so many people look forward to because it’s filled with fun, food, and friends, but Summer 2021 is something we've all been waiting for. This summer is all about getting out and showing up in style! Goodbye, messy buns and unintentionally exposed roots, and hello, fresh, sexy, summer hair! We’ve been keeping tabs on some of the hottest Summer 2021 hair color trends and here are some of our favorites of the season (so far)!

Beach Balayage

When you think of “summer” what’s the one place you think of? The beach! Every summer, millions of people flock to beaches all over the world to soak up some sun, surf some choice waves, and show off their cutest bikinis! Going to the beach is a summer favorite for so many people, so why not use it as inspiration for your next summer hairstyle?

Pulling inspiration from the sandy browns, beiges, and blondes of the beach comes the beach balayage hair color! This hair color takes all of the best elements of the beach and puts them straight into the strands of hair. If this is a look you’re creating for your clients, keep the roots dark, and slowly lighten your way down their tresses. To create the gradual, balayage blonding effect, we recommend using Keune Ultimate Blonde Freedom Blonde. This is a clay-based product, made for freehand techniques and creates up to seven levels of lift. When you use Keune Ultimate Blonde Freedom Blonde, you’ll not only be able to achieve the perfect beach balayage color for your client, but you’ll also be protecting their hair throughout the process!

Rich Brunette

Summer isn’t just for blondes! It’s also for brunettes who choose to stay with a darker color and still shine under the sunlight!

Going lighter isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally okay with us! We love our brunettes too! Yummy chocolate brown, sweet caramel, cool copper, warm chestnut, and everything in between! Whatever brunette shade your clients may request this summer, Keune Semi Color will help you get the job done.

The new Keune Semi Color range is all about adding shine to capture the perfect color! This extra element of the Shine Complex is what’s going to get your clients from an ordinary brunette color to a rich brunette color that is sure to catch the light from the sun and shimmer all summer long. And then, for an added bonus, the Keune Semi Color range also has a Nourishing Complex and a Soothing Complex that will keep your clients’ hair healthy, soft, and strong after they leave your salon chair at the end of their appointment.

Pastel Colors

Shoutout to all of the color lovers out there, this one's for you! Lately, we have been in love with pastel colors! They’re cute, fun, and add some vibrancy to your personal style. They are also incredibly versatile and work well with any hair type and texture.

If your clients request cotton candy pink, lavender,  sea green pastel, or any other shade of pastel hair color this summer, Keune Color Chameleon has your back! With over ten inter-mixable shades, you, the colorist, will have everything you need to turn your clients’ summer pastel hair color dreams into a reality!