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No matter the climate you live in, summer is a time of adventurous days and mischievous nights. The season sparks a time of renewal and a feeling of freedom, something we aim to emulate in our look. With the changing temps, this season can also be a great time to change up our signature style – add bangs or layers, get a serious trim or even channel your inner Zoë Kravitz and take it all off!

Check out our favorite styles of the season!

Shattered Shag – This season has been all about movement: within texture, styling and even the illusion of movement within color. To create a truly shattered shag, you’ll need plenty of texture within your layers. Their short length will also create more volume in the crown area allowing you to play with the silhouette of your style. For a more classic look, create face-framing layers than blend into the bang.

Blunt Bangs – Bangs are the quickest way to completely change your style without compromising your cut, and this summer the blunt bang is back. Whether created to accompany your new shag or to spice up your long layers, a straight edge is proving to be popular.  

Extra Layers – Another great way to add texture, movement and a bit of a change is to add extra layers to your cut. For those of you who don’t want to compromise your length this is the option for you. This can be achieved on any length hair in a myriad of ways – from short, to classic, textured, long, and shag layers; ask your stylist what the best option is for your style.  

For more cutting, styling and finishing techniques, be sure to stalk Daniel Roldan on Bangstyle and check out all of his amazing tools available in the store!