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When looking to gain editorial experience, consider Tearsheet, a collaborative, creative outlet in which to learn and grow in the beauty industry. This opportunity is fueled by success and taught with care. It is the perfect choice for stylists of all skill levels to gain first-hand insight from a team of experts. Courses usually take place at their NYC studio and span from Portfolio Work, Editorial Styling, and Working with Wigs and Wefts - their newest addition, “Hollywood Glam” will be taking place in Los Angeles! As the East Coast meets West, make sure to be a part of this career changing experience. 

To learn more about the program, we sat down with Artistic Director, Giovanni Giuntoli, who shared some of his inspirations about education. 

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Working in the world of fashion and editorial, where do you draw inspiration from to always create things that are new and exciting? 

It's hard to say even just a few things which inspire me. Hair, to me, is an interpretive art form. There's so much you can do with hair as your "medium" drawing inspiration can come from a lot of places. There's no "right or wrong" hairstyles, just "good, better and best" in the way it suits the person wearing it. Using social media is a must for exposure and inspiration for hairstyles in particular. It is a platform to watch what others have done with their "medium". Taking a mannequin out along with a "blind grab"  for products and the same for tools selected. Sitting and watching, not trying to take control of it, and seeing what can be created if given certain limited tools to work the medium into a style. 

What is your favorite style to create? Upstyles and downstyles. Anything Beautiful! I love Edgy fashion as well, but I still love seeing and having an element of "beautiful" while still edgy. I feel it shows and demonstrates an artistic restraint to the entire process. 

How did you get involved in Tearsheet? What about educating do you love? 
I wanted to stay connected with people, I noticed that there was a need for an educational revolution in our industry. How we learn, how we teach, what we want to experience while we learn, by being immersed in what we are learning strengthens the lessons. The editorial industry is very small and tight knit, I wanted everyone to see and experience what its like to see work produced by themselves along with solidifying the education with super strong imagery.

Education, I love the way you can connect with someone, how they explode with excitement when they learn something. When you get someone, who has never done an upstyle, to create a one pin updo and their excitement means you've connected, shared, they grew in many ways. Educating takes this "service industry" to another level. 


What do you hope each student will take away from the Tearsheet experience?

Basically we hope they leave as better educated, and more deeply impacted, artists when it comes to tools, product, imagery translation, their social media brand and its "Visual Message". The industry has changed and Tearsheet is here to help them stay up on both the business and artistic side of their careers and passion


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Although living in California can be a dream, it can at times be difficult to make connections to become involved in the holy grail of styling - NYFW! Tearsheet will be offering a class in CALIFORNIA which means your opportunies are now endless. Want to get backstage at New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week and be on the hair team? Graduates of Tearsheet are placed on our invite list to attend fashion week and much more!!


The "Hollywood Glam" class will be held: Sunday, October 23-Tuesday, October 25th. It will focus on classic and current hairstyles from Hollywood's Stars and aim to reinvent them for the camera and your portfolio. It is your chance to learn how to take silver screen hairstyles and bring them into the salon. We asked Giovanni a bit more about what the experience would be like:


In your eyes, what is the perfect “Hollywood Glam” look?
To me, its like hairmashing, #hairmashing.....sorry couldn't help myself.
Haute Couture with Red Carpet, like Versace and Oscar de le Renta so to speak.
Height, volume, has a great silhouette and profile along with curves and shape to it. 


What advice do you have for artists prepping for this class?
In general, to practice being aware of their habits while styling anyone preceding the workshop. Concentrate on the tools they use, and why they chose that tool for the style. Focus on your blowdry setting, along with directional blowdries as this and iron setting will definitely by applied in this particular workshop.

Whether you are looking to brush up your skills for the everyday creation or dream of styling at Fashion Week, learn more about Tearsheet and how the experience is right for you.