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Whether you’re hanging in the Hamptons or laying poolside in Palm Springs, there is one summer staple you should take with you no matter the destination: textured beach waves. We’ll see this style transcending its usual seasonal barriers and making its way onto the fall runways, but for now lets dive into the details of how to get polished perfectly imperfect waves for your next soiree.

The key to the perfect look begins with the proper products. Next, it is all about technique and taking clean sections in order to create an elegant feel. To ensure your waves keep their shape, once released from the barrel allow them to cool close to the scalp then begin adding finishing products in to create the exact texture you desire. Not sure where to start? Follow the steps below to ensure a flawless wave every time.

Step 1

On damp hair, layer Style Link Blow Out Skinny Queen and then Style Link Blow Out Curvy Queen.  Using a round brush, blow-dry for volume using workable horizontal sections.

Step 2 

Starting at the side of the nape, create a vertical sub-section of dry hair. 
Apply Style Link Airy Builder on the mid-lengths through the ends. Comb through until dry. 
 Use a 1-inch barrel curling iron, wind the sub-section around the barrel while holding the ends. Direct the hair away from the face until reaching the center back. Allow curl to gently drop. 
Repeat on the other side of the nape until reaching the center back. 

Step 3

Working up the head, release occipital section. 
Start in the center of the section and wind directing hair away from the face. Proceed toward the front of the face. 
Repeat on other side of section. 

Step 4

Release the top section and repeat. When cool, direct head to the side and comb through from underneath to loosen but maintain the shape. With head still to side, spray with Style Link Texture Builder from underneath. Reverse sides and continue. Repeat with head directed back.

Step 5

With fingers, separate strands and continue to build texture applying a cocktail of Style Link Mineral Booster and Over Achiever to the ends. Create side part and ruche hair while spraying with Style Link Mineral Rough Me Up.

Looking to get the style sans heat? Simply apply Style Link Wild BOHO to damp strands, give them a twist and you’re good to go. Click here to learn more about air-drying and check out the rest of our styling tips by stalking MATRIX on Bangstyle.