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Want longer, thicker locks? Achieving this may be easier than you think, and it all starts off with the worlds most widely consumed stimulant, Caffeine. Properly treating hair follicles with a dose of caffeine has found significant success in not only stimulating hair growth but also counteracting the negative effects testosterone and DHT have on hair follicles. Due to its nature, caffeine is a key ingredient in hair loss products to protect against baldness, as well as aid in hair growth stimulation.


Now that we’ve found out caffeine may be the answer to our hair growth woes, we begin to investigate the best ways to deliver this stimulant to the follicles for ultimate results.

Revita, hair-stimulating shampoo, is designed to preserve your scalp, guard against falling hair, nourish and preserve scalp health and vitality. It does not only contain caffeine, it delivers it. AT DS Labs we use a Nanosome encapsulation technology, which allows ingredients to absorb deeper into the scalp to persist longer and work more effectively.

Due to their nature, Nanosomes increase caffeine absorption and delivery to the hair follicle. Alongside this, Revita delivers many other ingredients that potentiate caffeine activity. This includes molecules with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, amino acids and nutrients.


Ahead of the trend and always at the cutting edge of technology, DS Labs knows what it takes to make hair healthier, stronger and longer starting at the molecular level. Try out Revita Hair-Stimulating shampoo and conditioner; you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how quickly you’ll see results.

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