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Let's face it, work is draining, and it's been a rough few years. All too often, we keep our heads down and keep plugging away waiting for the weekend when what we should be doing is staying present and making plans for each day. Making time for yourself is one of the top ways to be aware of your mental health and create a work-life balance along with these top tips. Read on and be sure to share in the comments what you do to indulge in a little self-care!

Top Tips for Creating A Work-Life Balance

1. Take time off

Being available 24/7 shouldn’t be the norm. Just like all your lovely clients take vacations, you should take them too. The most important thing you can do for yourself is taking the time you need to rest and recuperate whether that’s every few weeks or an extended vacation, the time off will do both you and your clients some good.

2. Work an alternate schedule

The 5 day work week was constructed in the 19th century. They were created to harbor a more constructive workweek, however, most employers often find that now, having a 4-day work week actually leads to greater output. If you’re constantly counting the days until TGIF or start dreading the Sunday scaries on Saturday, this might be a better option for you and your team. Research has shown that offering more time off (3-day weekends) it leads to happier employees who are more inspired in their work. Giving their brains time to fully shut off allows them to in turn produce better. Curious about this? Scotland and the UK are already testing out the 4-day work week. 

3. Don’t always be available 

By telling your clients you’re available all days and hours of the week, it doesn’t make you a better stylist. Being available all the time can actually devalue your time — meaning clients will look for more and more chances to take advantage of you, often at a lesser rate. Whether you need to fire a needy client or opt not to squeeze them in, remember to set boundaries to ensure they don’t take advantage. 

4. Set goals

Whether you want to pick up a new skill or simply clean your brush drawer, writing down your goals is the first step to crossing them off the list! By getting organized with your thoughts, you can in turn get organized with your daily life. Think about what you want for the next month, season or few years and put together a concrete plan to get there. 

5. Find your balance

Whether your balance is a nightly yoga class, a weekly happy hour or extended vacations, pencil in time for yourself when needed. If you need to take a personal day to focus on yourself and your mental health, do it, your clients can wait. By taking time for yourself, you (and your clients) will notice that you can better show up for them and provide the best work possible. Find a routine that works for you!