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Being able to follow and connect with artists all over the world is one of the things we love most about social media. Each and every day through @WellaHairUsa and @WellaEducation, you are given the chance to tune in to posts, IGTV, and Stories featuring Wella Ambassadors from all over the globe. Recently, we caught up with Wella Global Hair Ambassadors Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros) and Patricia Nikole (@paintedhair), who just participated in the Wella Company’s WeCreate event. Hear from them what they loved most about this year’s event and insider advice about a few of their favorite color trends and techniques this season! In case you missed this year’s WeCreate show, you can register and tune in here where it is still available for playback!

Global Connection:

As a Global Artist and Wella Ambassador, Briana Cisneros has keen insight into the differences in education from a global perspective. She notices the subtle contrasts in various markets but ultimately believes that “the internet has connected us all in a way that we haven’t experienced before, and similar trends are connecting across countries.” Offering advice on how to dial into these nuances, “It’s important to go outside your normal algorithm and posts that Instagram feeds you and really seek out that global influence and inspiration. It’s still enriching to reach out and experience other cultures and country’s expressions in fashion. But there is definitely more similarities now than there ever has been,” adds Briana.  

Tune into Briana Cisneros' Instagram @brianacisneros, where she shares tons of tutorials and tips for perfecting your Wella Professionals color application! 


Upcoming Tips + Trends:

When it comes to creating the perfect PaintedHair look, no one does it better than the creator of this technique, Patricia Nikole. To create a color that truly highlights your client's individual style, she says that “Placement is key!” This is why she recommends “always starting out with a roadmap of where the highs and lows should be!” Relying on Wella Professionals' color range for consistency and stellar results for her clients. This season, Patricia recommends “experimenting with the addition of gold to your formulas, especially for brighter blondes. With the ability to add subtle dimension and a balanced tone, you and your clients will absolutely adore the results.”

If you're looking for balayage inspiration, follow Patricia Nikole @paintedhair for Wella Professionals product and application tips!


How To Stay Inspired:

The past year has put a great deal of strain on beauty professionals to stay inspired, keep growing, and continue to do what they love most. Stepping outside the constraints of everyday salon life and tuning into educational events or signing up for in-depth classes on WellaEd.com, continued education has the ability to re-inspire beauty professionals at any level of their career. 

Wella Ambassadors Briana Cisneros and Patricia Nikole share beautiful color transitions and plenty of inspiration through social channels as well as the recent Wella WeCreate digital event. Educating their viewers on the latest trends and possibilities with Wella Professional color, Briana created a bleach and tone on model @karlito_cineas and color to complement the hair pattern of @lauramarano, while Patricia Nikole created PaintedHair techniques on both a gray coverage client as well as a more colorful creation. *To see them in action, be sure to tune in here!

In addition to educating others, Briana Cisneros gains a great deal of inspiration from her online community, @renegade_royals, and adds that it is “important to be intentional about finding ways to challenge my own work in order to inspire myself and those around me.” 

Patricia Nikole adds that by participating in continuing education and events, like WeCreate, “It’s a chance to learn from some of the industry’s most talented artists from all around the world! A place to come and be inspired, it is such a tremendous opportunity to learn these techniques and elevate your craft and business!”


For even more inspiration be sure to check out the latest education here!