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Movement isn’t going anywhere, and if anything, it is just getting amplified. The past few seasons, haircut shapes we’re softened to the point that it seemed as though everyone had the same long-layered cut. With a return to cutting, hairstylists everywhere are being asked to create styles with shape and a little extra length. From edgy lobs, to shags and faux shags and even pixies - clients are asking for haircuts that are either low-maintenance or a naturally ready-to-go style. Transitioning out of a season of missed appointments and lax styling, everyone is excited to wear a new ‘do. A deliberate cut not only creates an instant style, but it can beautifully complement hair color and vice versa. Taking hair type, texture and the desired finished style into account, these are some of the top 3 ways to cut your client's hair this season!

Faux Shag

While the shag is still very much on-trend, this shape doesn’t always work for all hair types and can sometimes be challenging for overly straight or overly textured hair. The interest in this silhouette comes from the shattered texture and layers seen throughout, but with a modern twist the faux shag is easily becoming a solid option. With less layers and more deliberately placed texture, the faux shag still gives off the appearance of a perfectly styled shag without the extreme layers. Working from a long layer silhouette, simply pair a few shorter face-framing pieces with a curtain or soft blunt fringe. 

Texturized Lob

Bobs were all the rage last season as clients everywhere chopped their hair for a refreshed feel. While shorter, more pronounced shapes are still in, softening the look and opting for a slightly longer length can be easier for many clients to style. Additionally, as clients opt for air-drying over blow-drying, a soft lob is easy to wash and wear!

The Modern Pixie

As with all the haircut trends this season, the pixie is also gaining a little length. Championed by model Kaia Gerber, this androgynous cut is similar to the French bob but with a slightly shorter, less pronounced silhouette. While this is an easy wash and go option for straighter hair types, with less weight this length also allows wavy or curly hair types to thrive.  

Product Picks

The great thing about all of these trends is the focus on movement and natural texture and the ability to air-dry. With techniques cutting deliberate texture into each style, the finished looks focus on enhancing shape instead of controlling it. To complete the look, Wella Professionals EIMI Texture Ocean Spritz on damp hair, followed by Wella Professionals EIMI Volume Sugar Lift on dry hair to tousle and finish is the perfect combo for any of these trends!