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The change in weather isn’t the only thing we love about Fall! The sudden onset of style from the runway to the streets gives us the inspiration to keep us warm for the entire season ahead. We’ve taken some of the top styles from the most fashionable streets and broken them down so you can get the look!

Smoothed Curls

Women aren’t the only ones looking for style inspiration anymore. Men of all ages are looking for ways to update their current look. For men with textured hair, while wearing natural wave patterns are all the rage, sometimes a more polished feel is necessary. If you’re heading to a special occasion or simply want to switch up your style, smooth your curls a bit to add a suave flair.

  • Start by applying Design Curl Cream throughout your hair
  • Blow dry to remove most of the moisture
  • Then, begin to twist sections of your hair section by section and aiming the blow dryer at each twist
  • Continue this twisting action until their entire head is dry
  • Then use hands to “comb” back hair away from the face

Braided Pony

This braided pony adds texture and interest to a classic style. Update the everyday pony by creating two row braids from the center part to just behind the ear.

  • On previously styled hair, spritz BLEND Refreshing Spray throughout to add texture
  • Then section out the front bang area and about 2-3 inches behind the ear
  • Add the row braids in and secure with a small elastic
  • Then, pull the rest of the hair back into a low pony, allowing the small braids to be exposed

Wispy Lob

As your bob begins to grow out, soften its edges by turning it into a wispy lob for the fall. Ask your hairstylists to clean up your cut and create pointcuts throughout the entire look. They may even want to add texture by slicing V shapes into your sections.

To style your look:

  • Apply BLEND Salt Mousse prior to blow-drying
  • Be sure to lift at the root as you dry and use a paddle brush to straighten the ends
  • Use a curling iron to add a soft wave to random sections and finish with BLEND Refreshing Balm and tousle with fingers to create undone texture.

Images: StreetSalon.com

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