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Highlights have always and will always be one of the top requested services in the salon. Thanks to Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok, more clients know the difference between balayage and baby-lights and which technique to ask for. However, with all the information out there about highlights, not many clients know the benefits of lowlights or when to ask for them. A lesser know service, lowlights can actually enhance your finished look and are often the key to creating dimensional hair color. Read on to learn the top reasons to ask for lowlights at your next appointment. 

Lowlights Create Contrast & Dimension

All too often, clients book in for highlight appointments in an effort to achieve a lighter and brighter finished look. Therefore, the thought of lowlights might seem counterintuitive to achieving the desired result. However, by continuing to add only lighter pieces, hair color can start to take on a single tone and lack the contrast and dimension that make up a dynamic finished look. Without lowlights, hair could even appear dull or lackluster. By adding in a few pieces of a darker contrasting color, you’ll allow highlights to appear brighter in comparison. 

Lowlights Enhance Texture

Similar to highlights, lowlights are a great way to enhance texture — either natural or by means of heat styling. Whether you have a structured haircut or are looking for a subtle change with your go-to style, by adding a few well-placed low-lights you can create the illusion of depth and therefore enhance the finished look. 

Lowlights Are Fairly Low-Maintenance

Everyone is on the hunt for the latest way to create a low-maintenance look and lowlights are the perfect answer. Highlights and root touch-ups often require regular appointments because their placement is usually more visible. Lowlights are often placed in the underlying layers of the hair, which means regrowth isn’t obvious. They are usually similar in color to your base shade or only a few shades darker, so the contrast is very low-key. While placement ensures a low-maintenance appointment schedule, the home care rules for lowlights are similar to any hair color. Simply invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair and protect your hair from excessive heat damage. 

To keep your lowlights looking their best, we suggest picking up the following:

Wella Professionals Invigo Color Brilliance Color Protection Shampoo & Wella Professionals Invigo Color Brilliance Vibrant Color Conditioner


Product Picks for Lowlights:

Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Permanent Color or Wella Professionals Color Touch Demi-Permanent Color



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