State board was grueling enough, theres no need to stress about what you need for your salon or station. Take a peek at our stylist survival guide, the top 10 tools you'll need when you start out. 


1. Shears - Investing in a solid pair of shears will ensure creative cuts and happy clients. There is no worse feeling than a dull blade through the hair. 


2. Cutting Collar - Perfect for precision cuts, this cutting collar will ensure a stable surface to create a precise line. 


3. Thermal Brushes - Having a set of thermal brushes will save your life! Whether you’re trying to bust out a blowout, or create volume, shine, and bounce for your client - these will do the trick!


4. Capes - invest in one for styling, and one for color. No one likes hair down their shirt or color on their collar. Keep extra's on hand, it will help when overbooking occurs. 


5. Apron - Even though black may be your favorite color, you’ll want to keep your clothes safe, no one likes a bleach stain on their favorite shirt. Wearing an apron while cutting will also keep those pesky little hair splinters off of your skin and out of your sweater. 


6. Client Wrap - Even though capes will keep most hairs and color off of your lovely clients, the last thing you want to do is ruin their outfit. To keep it safe rather than sorry, invest in a client wrap for them to don while they’re getting their do!


7. The Gripper - your clients thank you in advance. If you decide to go out on your own, most studio’s lack a proper set up at the shampoo bowl. For clients, nothing is worse than coming in for a relaxing treatment and being met with a cold hard resting place for your neck - adding a “gripper” will relieve neck fatigue and make sure your clients are in for a treat! Add a head massage to every shampoo (if you have the time) 


8. A proper mixing set up is a essential for any colorist - we suggest:

  • Mixing/Application Bowls - Invest in one with a stable base to avoid spills. 
  • Brushes - Again, you can never have too many of these.
  • Whisk - brushes get messy when you mix with them, try a whisk. 
  • Beakers - for easy measuring. 
  • Tube keys - squeeze every last drop from your color tubes. 
  • Foil or Haircoloring Film if you prefer balayage
  • Color applicator bottles (for tone and gloss)
  • Repelle - skin protectant - nothing is worse than not being able to get color off your clients forehead , protect yourself and their skin. 
  •  Timer - Don't overprocess and don’t trust your phone to do the job.  


9. CLIPS! - buy extra, you WILL lose them they are like socks in the dryer. Clients will take them and other stylists might try to steal them. You can never have too many, so stock up! The Croc 

clips are our favorite - they are easy to section with, use for cutting, color or blow dries, and hold more hair than other traditional clips. 


10. GLOVES - No one likes going home looking like an oompah loompah, whether you’re coloring, cutting, washing, or cleaning - you’ll need durable salon gloves to get you through each day.