B759698e5419d90f9e03 tousled ponytail

One of the most underrated, yet fashion forward styles this season is the ponytail. It is an easy way to update your look with just a few quick tricks. Ross Charles teaches about his favorite way to rock the style – the tousled side ponytail. The key to this look is preparation and getting the curls perfect before fixing the hair into the ponytail.

To start, section the hair into pieces around an inch wide and begin to wrap them around the curling iron. Make sure to add a mist of hairspray to each section of hair as you go to ensure the curl is held. To achieve the tousled effect: keep the hair slightly far apart when wrapping around the iron, if the hair is close together when curling the curls will appear tighter.

When each section has been curled, run your fingers through the hair to loosen them and add some texture. Now part the hair to one side using the fine end of a comb and your fingers to direct the hair into a low ponytail. Let the hair take on its natural fall and pull hair behind the ears with your fingers. To keep this look a little messy you don’t need to be too careful when fixing the hair into place.

If you feel any sections are slightly loose secure the hair with some hair pins. I also like to arrange the curls and play with the hair until the finished look is perfect. For a glossy finish add a spritz of shine spray along with an extra veil of hairspray to make sure your hair will stay in place all day. 

For more fashion forward style inspiration be sure to stalk Ross Charles on Bangstyle and keep an eye our for the latest looks!