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Preparing for a trip can either be exciting or excruciating, it depends on if you like to pack, prep, and think ahead, or if you’re more spontaneous in your needs. Whether you are the type that is prepared, or prefer to act leisurely and err on the side of impromptu, there are a few items to tick off any list that will make your travel plans a success no matter where you end up. The number one item for us, our hair! To ensure your trip is a breeze and your hair looks fabulous, check out our top 4 reasons to get a smoothing treatment before you travel.


  1. TIME – You’ve worked hard for your PTO, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in the bathroom painstakingly straightening your strands while the beach… or Big Ben is calling. Getting a Brazilian Blowout prior to your trip ensures quicker styling with the greatest of ease.
  2. PACKING – Whether your hair is straight or curly, we’re sure you’ve got quite the arsenal of products and tools that you take with you wherever you go, with the Brazilian Blowout all you’ll need to worry about is your shampoo. You can cut down on the items needed to pack and save room in your carry-on.
  3. WEATHER – Let’s face it, travel means alternate climates for your hair, which usually leads to frizz. To cut down on the frizz halo ruining all of your photos, go with a Brazilian Blowout. It will calm those frizz woes, meaning great selfies every time.
  4. POWER [Outlets] – We don’t know about you, but we’ve lost a few curling irons and dryers to the outlets in other countries. With a Brazilian Blowout, you style will be locked in whether it is curly or straight. We know, the in-room blow dryer couldn’t normally dry your locks, but with the Brazilian it is totally doable.


Before you take off treat yourself to a Brazilian Blowout, it will make your life and your travel mate’s excursion that much better.



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