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Tired of the same old ponytail? Looking to change things up a bit this year? Keeping with your New Year's Resolutions, make things easy for yourself by creating a style that is easy to recreate, even in a pinch. In this tutorial, Valerie Alessandro shows us how to create a simple upstyle in 5 easy steps. Follow along below to see just how she got the look! 

Step 1

Start off with clean, blowdried hair. Then, smooth hair back into a loose half-up ponytail gathering just behind the ears and secure with a clear elastic.

Step 2 

Next, clip up your half-up ponytail and separate the loose hair under your half-up ponytail in half and set aside.

Step 3

Next, start with the right side. Take the underlying loose hair and cross it over to the left, make a separation in the middle ponytail and pull it through. 

Step 4 

Then, repeat the same actions on the other side. 

Step 5

To finish, tuck, wrap and adjust the loose hair around the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin. 

 Then, spritz with a bit of finishing spray to secure the look.

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