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Working in hairdressing for the last 20 years, having spent 8 of them owning a salon in Adelaide for the last 8 years, Megan Panozzo has a deep passion for creative color, cuts and creating complementary styles for her clients. Winning endless accolades over the years she has held positions on the MATRIX Australia Design Team, as a GOLDWELL Guest Artist and most recently as Australian Ambassador for VARIS Tools. Education within the industry has always been a large focus for Megan and through this passion, she has helped local artists grow and build a community. 

With her latest collection — UNTETHERED EVOLUTION — she draws Inspiration from her love of music and the influence of music on the hairdressing industry through the ’80s. Read on to learn more about the collection from Megan!

I believe that we are moving back to a phase of fun and interesting hair again in the ’20s, and it’s exciting watching those cycles repeat themselves, especially now that we are so well educated in the ever-evolving world of colour.  Although this collection began as an ode to my love of the post-punk movement, it quickly became apparent that it was an outward display of how I’ve felt during the pandemic. 

I wanted to use contrasting colours because I love the juxtaposition of two seemingly opposing colours sitting next to each other. I think it represents many things in our everyday lives and is very representative of the post-punk movement. Since we’ve been living with the pandemic, there are so many opposing energies that we’ve had to live with and try to find comfort in. The use of both fluid and structured colour techniques was also very intentional, firm lines and fluid movement mimic our lives now. 


HAIR: Megan Panozzo 

COLOUR: Megan Panozzo 

SALON: In Awe Salon 

MAKEUP: Lucy Eustace-Smith 


NAIL ARTIST: Holly Fitzgibbons 

STYLING: Ashley Camacho 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Johnny Georgiou