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Has the holiday season got you feeling frazzled? With year-end appointments, last-minute gifts and holiday parties galore, sometimes mustering up the inspiration to create a new look for the New Year can be daunting. However, with the holidays in full swing and salons spreading beauty and merriment to all, don’t forget to offer up a cool look for the New Year’s Eve Ball! Teach these simple steps from Anna Peters, Sam Villa ArTeam, to guests so they can feel special ringing in 2019!

How To: New Year’s Eve Updo

  1. Prep hair by spraying Redken Iron Shape 11 for heat protection and shine. Throughout the head, take random 1” sections and create the perfect amount of volume and control by compressing the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron down the strands.
  2. Brush through texture with the Sam Villa Artist Series Polishing Paddle Brush, expanding volume. Sprinkle Redken Powder Grip 03 through the crown. Brush through hair to ensure no tangles.
  3. Pull the entire top section back to the center of the crown and secure with an elastic.  Gently pinch and pull through the section to create a loose and full effect.
  4. With the remaining hair hanging down, gently gather hair at the nape and create a three-strand braid, secure ends with an elastic. Pull strands out to desired fullness.
  5. Flip the braid up so ends of braid are up at the top of the head and twist braid up towards the crown of the head as if creating a French Twist in the back. Once at the top of the crown, take the braid and wrap it back down towards the nape, tucking ends into the twist. Secure throughout with grips.
  6. Pull sections around the face to frame. Spray Redken Wax Blast 10 all over, for a textured control.

Credits: Hair/Sam Villa ArTeam; Photo/Katie Parker; Wardrobe/Brittany Hart; Makeup/Nicole Schimel.  

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