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Summer is almost here which mean’s you’ll be heading to the gym, the pool, and the beach! This means more showering and styling, and less time to do so. Admit it… right now you’re extremely jealous of the girls (and guys) that are able to walk out of the house with wet hair and 20 minutes later have strands dried to natural “undone” perfection.  

Whether you have thick hair that takes a zillion years to dry, curly strands that need a diffuser, or a serious problem with frizz - “wash and wear” might not be in the cards for you. Sure, you always want what you can’t have, but we’re sure no one wishes for frizzy hair. 

Luckily, there are a few “tricks of the trade” that can get you exactly what you want. If you haven’t tried or thought about it yet - try getting a Brazilian Blowout. You hair will go from thick and frizzy, to voluminous, shiny, and controlled with no down time. 

You may be worried if you have textured hair that you’ll lose your curl, or your hair will be too flat, but these are two of the biggest myths about getting a Brazilian. Your curls will not disappear, they’ll just become more manageable. This service conditions and coats your strands so that the cuticles play nice and lay down like they’re supposed to. 

If you love your thick luscious locks, but hate the process of taking a shower and drying your hair (raises hand), opt for a Brazilian. Whether you air dry or blow dry; your hair will be smoother, dry quicker, and you’ll be left with NO FRIZZ.

Now that your lifelong dreams of air drying are finally coming true, what will you do with all that extra time you used to spend styling?  

For more info about the process, what to expect from your treatment or to find a certified salon near you, be sure to check out Brazilian Blowout on Bangstyle and visit their website, BrazilianBlowout.com!