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The beautiful truth about working within the cosmetology community comes with the ebb and flow of education and experience. Throughout one’s career, there is a constant development of technique as time is spent hovering between the salon and the classroom. The nature of this path fosters consistent inspiration and the development of a unique style.  Effectively, your success is literally placed in your own two hands, which is why we appreciate when brands take an initiative in fostering professional education opportunities for their talented artists.

“At Wella, the heart of everything we do is deeply rooted in professional education. With 140 years of beauty culture and uncompromised commitment to the craft, we are dedicated to empowering the beauty professional’s aspirations and dreams through bespoke experiences and human connections. We believe long term sustainable success in this industry, will be found in growing communities with a common passion and pride for beauty. Ultimately liberating the professionals’ potential and unlocking their vision of success through education.” Carole Protat, Wella Professionals Senior Creative Director

Recently, some of the newest members of the hairdressing community – the cosmetology students –  we’re able to partake in a mentorship experience with Wella Professional at the Intercoiffure Fall Atelier Gala in New York. Featuring an inspiring presentation from Wella Professionals in partnership with Intercoiffure and top cosmetology schools across the nation.

Conceived by Wella Professionals to remind the salon industry that established talented hairdressers need to inspire the next generations like those before them, four talented young hairdressers were paired with two Intercoiffure members as their mentors. This ultimate mentorship experience culminated in a mainstage presentation at the legendary ICA Sunday Night Gala.

Aptly named Art Alchemy, the young talent team was comprised of Bryce Black (@bryce_black), a current student at Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology in Portland, OR; Briana Margarito (@brianna_jean_), recent graduate of Bellus Academy in Oceanside, CA; Emily Evans (@emily_evans_creations_), current student at Ogle School of Hair and Beauty in Hurst, TX; and Nikki Londene (@beauty_by_nikki_l, current student at Hays Academy of Hair Design, Salina, KS. Selected as their mentors were Diane Stevens (@dianecolestevens), Nioxin Top Artist, CEO and Artistic Director of Cole Stevens Salon in Washington, DC and Michael Haase (@mmhaase), Wella Professionals Top Artist and owner of Salon Platinum Black in Los Angeles.

“Being a mentor is so important to the future of our industry and I was honored to be chosen for this project,” said Stevens.

Haase added, “Mentoring is important because it is a commitment to the future of hairdressing.”

After months of workshopping and mentoring sessions, the team brought their concept together for more than 400 guests at the Sunday Night Gala. The “Connect and Communicate” presentation drew inspiration from the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

The presentation also featured a call to action to the professional beauty industry to invest in mentoring the beauty school graduates of today, because the future of the industry is in jeopardy due to the decrease in enrollment in beauty school and cosmetology licensing training. The team rallied attendees to embrace the “Make your Mark” campaign from Beauty Changes Lives, which seeks to transform preconceptions of careers in beauty to raise awareness of the career opportunities and income available to licensed beauty professionals.

“As beauty professionals, salon owners, manufacturers, we have a responsibility to act to protect the future of the industry” said Carole Protat, Wella Professionals Senior Creative Director, adding “the biggest challenge that salons and spas are facing is the lack of interest from new and committed talent to join our industry, so get involved with your local high school, beauty school, vocational schools, and help us change the perception that becoming a hairdresser is not a valuable career.”

Thankful for the opportunity and priceless mentorship, the members of Art Alchemy were overwhelmed with the response to their presentation. “I felt so inspired,” said Black. “From learning new skills to working with top hair professionals, this experience heightened my love for the industry and I saw all the many different avenues it can take you.”

“The opportunity to be surrounded by people who are passionate about this industry inspires me to always keep learning,” said Margarito. “This experience meant the world to me and I’m so blessed to have been able to be a part of this team.”

“This was an unforgettable experience, it’s almost overwhelming,” said Londene. “I learned so much, not to mention the amazing people I got to work with, my mentors and my teammates have become like family to me. I’m so proud to be a part of this industry.”

“I learned so many new skills and improvements, but the most important thing I learned was to have confidence in my abilities and artistic vision,” added Evans

“As the new generation of hairdressers is coming to the forefront, it is our responsibility to teach, mentor and share our knowledge. As a company, we are committed to partnering with cosmetology schools across the country to offer mentorship opportunities like this,” commented Victoria Gallo, Wella School Program Director.

For more information on the Make Your Mark Campaign, please visit https://beautychangeslives.org/make-your-mark


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