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Blonde, brunette, redhead, fashion shades — no matter the chosen hair color, with time and exposure to environmental stressors like water, heat and UV rays, shades tend to fade. As much as we would like clients to head into the salon for consistent appointments, schedules and timing can make it difficult. Instead of dealing with dull color, encourage clients to refresh and revitalize shades between salon appointments with Wella Professionals’ latest release — Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks

Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask is the ideal zero damage color depositing treatment to use between color appointments to create everything from soft to bold hair color transformations. Apart from the beautiful transformation, the great thing about this line is that results can be tailored by mixing masks together. Depending on the porosity of the hair as well as the desired outcome, it can be a great idea to consult a stylist about which mask to choose and tips for at-home application. 

To learn more about the new line, we chatted with Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist Ambassador Mara Roszak about the best way to market this new product to clients. 

The Ideal Client for Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks:

While the Wella Professionals Brilliance line is great for natural tones and gray coverage clients, Roszak explains that Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks are “ideal for clients that want to play with a fun, temporary wash out color on their hair or someone who has bleached or color-treated hair and needs temporary at-home toning.” She goes on to explain that a great example of this is “Blondes that get brassy easily or brunettes looking for a bit more vibrance.”

Tips to Upsell:

A big part of any hair service is the home care aspect. That is why each time a client is in the salon it is an opportunity for stylists, front desk staff or assistants to chat with clients about their hair needs. From Roszak’s experience, "clients are typically interested in products applied to their hair, especially if they know the exact product can be purchased and used at home! Including them in the process while applying it is the best way to sell the product.”

Ensure Proper Application:

While a single shade of Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask will work for most clients, for others you can create a bespoke formulation they can easily create at home. A great example of this is the cool brunette mask Wella Professionals Digital Ambassador James Earnshaw created for his client. He mixed Color Fresh Mask Blue into Color Fresh Mask Chocolate Touch to neutralize warmth while enhancing brunette shades. 

From creating custom tutorials on your social media accounts to walking clients through the service in the salon. Roszak adds that showing clients how you are using Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks will help them feel confident in recreating the look at home.

What Stylists Love Most About Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask:

The thing that really sets these masks apart from other products on the market lies in the way they are applied, their true-to-tone pigments and their fading and removal process. “Stylists love the pigments and that the colors are true to what they say. These colors coat the hair and fade beautifully. They aren’t hard on the hair or hard to remove from the hair.” Says Roszak

To learn more about the new Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks follow along @WellaHairUsa and shop the products in salon and online at https://us.wella.professionalstore.com/color-fresh-masks