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Unlike hair trends that require a lot of commitment and investment, nail trends have the ability to take off in an instant because of their impermanence — you might not be able to change your hair color every week, but changing your nails is fair game. The latest nail trend taking Instagram and TikTok by storm is BIAB nails, a.k.a. builder in a bottle nails.

What are BIAB nails?

BIAB or Builder In A Bottle nails are a treatment originally created by the nail brand The Gel Bottle. The technology has been around for a while, but the trend has just recently taken off thanks to social media.

The treatment boasts stronger, longer and naturally healthy nails and gives nail technicians the ability to build structure such as tips. The idea is that BIAB nails are a stronger version of gel nails that can help avoid nail cracks and chips. If you love the look of gel nails but want a longer-lasting effect with a treatment that also helps build strength to your natural nails, BIAB nails are for you. The ability to add length and structure without glue or tips means you can easily try out a new nail shape or even repair broken nails without extra elements.



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What makes BIAB nails different from gel and acrylics?

  • BIAB nails are most similar to traditional gel nails (they are a type of gel) but with a stronger base that acts similar to acrylic nails.
  • BIAB and gel nails both create a long-lasting shine that lasts for a few weeks.
  • Both BIAB nails and gel nails can be soaked off with a few key steps. BIAB nails do take slightly longer to remove.
  • Acrylics don’t require curing under a heat lamp and are still sturdier than BIAB nails.
  • Both BIAB nails and acrylics can be filled once the nail starts to grow.
  • BIAB nails shouldn’t be applied to damaged or brittle nails.
  • On average BIAB nails last for about 3 weeks or longer with proper touch-up maintenance.
  • BIAB nails don’t yet come in many colors, but you can easily apply any gel shade over a clear BIAB base for a similar effect.

How much do BIAB nails cost?

Similar to gel manicures, BIAB nails will cost anywhere between $25-$70, depending on the entire service and design. (This is just an approximation and can vary depending on where you live and local rates).


Clients are shifting away from tips and focusing on improving the health of their natural nails. Thanks to the switch toward natural nails and movement away from “quick” manis, we’ll see BIAB nails pick up popularity.