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From fashion to fringe and the inception of balayage — the French really do set the trend when it comes to effortless style. Whether you’ve been binging the latest season of Emily In Paris or are simply daydreaming about snacking on croissant under the Tour De Eiffel, there is a new trend, inspired by the French, that you can instantly achieve in the salon. The latest to come from the land of red lipstick? “French Glossing”. 

The French Glossing Trend:

The trend, introduced by L’Oréal Professional has been introduced as a new way to transform hair color with longevity. The original gloss is a color technique that is loved by stylists and has become very well known by clients in the past few seasons. The gloss is an iconic way to transform hair color, correct tone and add shine and condition. The rise of “French glossing” takes the gloss service one step further with the addition of a root touch up. 

How To Get The Look:

The two-part service starts with a root touch up and is paired with a root gloss to seamlessly accentuate color from root to tip. It upgrades the go-to root coverage to enhance hair color for a seamless blend. 

Whether you’re looking to refresh highlights or try out the new Expensive Brunette trend, this look can be tailored to any shade of your choosing for a flawless finish.

Why You’ll Love It:

The trend not only perfects color, but it adds shine and condition to previously colored or dry and damaged hair. The result is a shiny, conditioned, healthier-looking finish that also enhances depth and allows for a subtle grow out.