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There’s no doubt about it, clients have been seriously stressed over the past few weeks. Even though you warned them about the effects and tried to give them more suitable options as we prepare to reopen salons and create guidelines for an influx of appointments, there might be a few clients who caved to box dye during social distancing. Having a plan about what to do next is key so keep reading for a little advice about what to do if your client used a box dye. 



Even if your client heeded your advice and stayed away from the box dye, having a consultation with them about what their goals are for the season is key. To cut down on in-person communication, book a preliminary Zoom call to give them adequate time to explain their wishes as well as give your advice. If they did use a box dye it is always best to remind them to be honest with you about it, you’ll also want to be as up front as possible in terms of costs associated with fixing the problem and time needed for a color correction. 

Assess the Situation

After chatting about the recent history of your client’s hair, you’re going to want to start with a strand test. Not only is this helpful to give you guidance about how much time is needed to process hair, but it can also give you a window into what’s going on beneath the surface.

Create a New Plan

Once you’ve come up with an adequate plan, be sure to discuss this with your client so they understand what you’ll be doing if it is different from their usual routine. If they are looking to go lighter, map out how often you’ll need to see them for appointments as you lift their hair (and remove color) over time and be sure to set expectations about what level or result they can expect to see at each point. If you are covering grays or keeping with a similar shade, be sure to remind them that they may experience a band in the hair as their color grows out. Depending on the brand of Box Dye they used and how they applied it - chances are the results will be more “permanent” than your professional salon application, which is why home care will be so imperative. 

Home Care

Whether you’re lifting or depositing, you’ll want to remind clients to invest in products that are tailored to color-treated hair in need of moisture and nourishment. Box dye and application without a license can easily damage hair and based on the plan, lifting hair can put stress on already fragile strands. 


Product Suggestions:

Wella Professionals Color Motion Shampoo and Conditioner will help lock their new shade in place while increasing strength and vibrancy and fighting against free radicals. 


With up to 95% more resilience against breakage* Wella Professionals FUSIONPLEX Intense Repair Mask helps repair and protect against damage when they need it most.