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It’s a brand new month and after a great start this season, we were inspired to do a little Marie Kondo style housecleaning, in the break room!

All the letting go of things that do not bring joy and starting a new organization routine, it got me thinking about mistakes. Where those sequin leggings a mistake simply because we no longer feel joy when we wear them? What about that job you hung onto, just a little longer than necessary? Or a personal favorite, the relationship that has run its course….Are we wrong for trying new things or making attempts to grow, even if they are transient?

“Without the chrysalis, there is no butterfly.

Without discomfort, there is no evolution.

There is no expansion without contraction.”


As a stylist behind the chair, we are faced with the daily challenge of meeting high expectations for our clients and fulfilling our own, and making as few mistakes as possible (try zero), while juggling families, color corrections, emotional cuts, time constraints, and lack of food.

Let’s redefine our relationship to mistakes.  

Start with a good look at what a mistake is, to you. By definition, a mistake is an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong. It is also a misunderstanding, an oversight, an inaccuracy, or a simple blunder. How many of you have committed a faux pas (an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation)? Not only is it fun to say, but we have also all been there.

Behind the chair, we have the opportunity to make ALL kinds of mistakes. The science of hair color is serious business and when we are busy talking, eating and mixing color, what are the chances an error could occur?  Imagine you are hungry, stressed and running behind…as I experienced recently, grabbing a cup of coffee is not the best solution!! What is helpful is slowing down, taking a breath and using the years of experience to make informed decisions.

How fo fix those mistakes

As colorists, we have so many tools at our disposal to help achieve the expectation of not only our clients but for ourselves. Remember in beauty school when you had to strand test everything? And the consultation was almost clinical? Yeah, me too. At the time, it seemed monotonous and like a small waste of time, which sadly is a mentality I carried for several years starting out. After wonderful mentors and training as a brand artist, I learned the why behind the action. And guess what? My life changed. I made more money. I was less stressed, and I began to form habits that propelled my career and personal life beyond my wildest dreams. Who would have known that by going back to the basics – thank you beauty school – and performing a strand test more often would lead to such success!

Often times, a mistake is caused by a missed connection between the what, how and why. Basically, just a lack of information.

So, as you organize this mentally, neatly folding in elevated consultations, focused formulation, and perform that strand test, what benefits will naturally come? No more praying to the hair gods in the back room, happy clients who refer more happy clients, and a lack of stress during the workday.

Most of us work this process daily, but it is easy to fall out of intentional practice, and this is a fantastic way to check in with your own habits. Sure, it takes time to do these steps, but as we know from countless stories, the time it takes to fix can be even longer!

How to move on

There is a statement I’ve heard in business classes over the years….clients will forgive an uneven haircut, an unexpected color outcome, or even a bad perm, but they will never forget how you treat them. Be honest when you make mistakes, explain to your client the process you are taking them through and how certain external factors – hormones, changes to medicine or even diet – can have on the outcome of their color.

One of our biggest mistakes is not forgiving ourselves. It’s okay to screw up. Royally. It’s okay to challenge yourself and try something new. It’s also okay to walk away, knowing not every client or salon is for you. The point of keeping that closet tidy is to see what you’re working with and streamline for simplicity. Work smarter, not harder, right?

Before you ditch the sequin leggings and the favorite color brush, say thank you. Be grateful for all the sparkles and perfect highlights.

Thank yourself for making choices then and now to empower your best life. You are worth it!!!!

See you next month, luvvies!