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Let’s face it…sometimes our hair has it rough. It deals with a variety of outside factors on the daily; from blowouts to hot tools, chlorine, sun damage and various hair products. While we usually care for our hair by piling on the products, sometimes what it actually needs is a deep clean! Clarifying Shampoo is the perfect at-home product to get you the results you’re looking for. While this product is often used to prime for a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment, it can also be used at home to hit the reset button – clearing away past product buildup, environmental effects, and oil.

How It Helps Products Absorb

By removing product build up; clarifying shampoo helps new products penetrate. Once you get rid of oils, deposits, and dirt, there is less between your hair and the product aiming to penetrate your strands. This is a great routine to have prior to deep conditioning, you’ll notice shiny, silkier strands after.

How It Helps Your Style

While clarifying shampoo works wonders to cleanse hair, it can also be a great tool to help improve styling as well. For starters, it can enhance the color of blonde or highlighted hair by removing unwanted brassy tones usually associated with water or product buildup. Although not recommended for every day, using Clarifying Shampoo prior to a blowout can add a volume for fine or thin hair. If you’re starting to feel like everyday is a bad hair day, restart your routine with a deep cleanse. This will revive your style and perk up your look.

Whether you want to treat yourself to a deep cleanse and condition, or simply want to get your hair out of its style rut, add Clarifying Shampoo to your arsenal!

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