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Winter is only weeks away, and with colder temps on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time before the harsh weather conditions wreak havoc on your strands. To help you adjust to the seasonal changes, we asked Keune Technical Director Amber Skrzypek to share her most coveted hair secrets for getting through the winter months. Read on to find out her top tips for keeping tresses in check.

Tip #1: Trim frequently.

Unfortunately, cold weather does not slow hair growth, which means you must keep your ends healthy with frequent trims. Skrzypek recommends a trim about every four weeks to maintain the shape of your cut, noting, “For mens’ cuts, I advise visiting the salon every 3-4 weeks and for women looking to gain length, I’d say every 4-6 weeks.”

Tip #2: Take a breather.

Colder weather will cause dryness, resulting in brittle strands, faded color and lack of shine. Skrzypek says it’s important to give your hair a break from cleaning and heat styling whenever possible in order to maintain the health of your tresses, noting, “Incorporate a good dry shampoo like Keune BLEND Refreshing Spray to absorb oil and give hair volume and texture in between washes.”

Tip #3: Stay hydrated.

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your color, boost shine or beat frizz, hydration is key. “Frizz happens when your hair is lacking moisture,” says Skrzypek. “[For clients with frizz-prone hair], I recommend the Keune Care Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray to restore moisture and close the hair cuticle to achieve smooth frizz-free results.” In addition to the keratin-based detangling spray, Skrzypek recommends using a deep conditioner at least 1-2 times a week to enrich the hair and add softness. “Clients with wavy or curly hair should try the Keune Curl Control Mask, and all other hair types should use the Keune Care Keratin Smooth Mask.” Skrzypek’s other favorite frizz-fighting must-haves? “Keune Design Mineral Hairspray and Keune Care Ultimate Control Silkening Polish to keep frizz and flyaways at bay.”

With Keune, you don’t have to let the winter months get you down! For more tips and tricks to help keep your hair healthy and ready your style for the drop in temps check out these articles!

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