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Linda Schuster


I am a hairdresser and runs a salon in Sweden with my colleague. We have 8 employees and I love doing photo shoots. I have made the most avant-garde, but has now begun to do other shoots. I have won the 2015 Style Masters in Sweden. 2017 I won the American Crew Allstar Challenge in Sverige.Jag have taken my creation to a whole. I photograph everything I do. I do not want Photoshop to be crucial in my job. My job is my passion, whether you have customers or making photos into contests and I will do my utmost to create perfection.



  • Cutting 9 +
  • Hair Color 14 +
  • Blowouts 8 +
  • Highlights 14 +
  • Styling and Finishing 9 +
  • Extensions 5 +
  • Customer Service 4 +
  • Social Media 6 +
  • Barbering 11 +

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