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Simone Menenti


I’m Simone, I have been hairdressing for seven years in total and I am currently a Senior Stylist at Sloans Hair & Beauty in North Sydney where I have worked since January 2016. The thing I love most about the industry is that that there are opportunities, but no boundaries: you really can go as far as you can push yourself! Hairdressing is limitless, and I love that. You can get out as much as you put in and I really enjoy coming to work and being a part of a bigger goal. I also love the relationships you build through your network and within the salon. As hairdressers, we need to be chameleons sometimes: we need to be able to listen and relate to each type of person we meet. I love that we have the ability to enhance people's best features and make them feel like an even better version of themselves. Our clients trust us and we have the power to change their lives even if it's just in a small way, for a short time. When I am cutting, I feel at peace with the world. It is my zone, where I can reflect and meditate. I have been raised to be a leader – if I wasn’t in hairdressing I think I would be a teacher or in management in a creative industry, but this is such a giving and rewarding career, I would never be anywhere else but right here, right now!



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