The Real OMG I Love Your Hair

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|Founder of The Unicorn Tribe| & |Owner of The Unicorn Tribe Salon| Alix is being hailed as the leader of the Renaissance of Hair Colour, and is the founder of THE UNICORN TRIBE a collective of like minded artists. She first saw a photograph as a child of Peggy Moffitt's hair, work done by Vidal Sassoon, grabbed a doll head, scissors, her imagination and began what has now become her life long passion of creating sculpted colourful wearable hair art. Alix is an artist that creates from the inside out. She has the gift of reading her guest's energy and interpreting the soul outwardly through colour and shaping. Combining her love of science, math and art, she has created a method called "Organic Mathematics" which allows her to use colour to lift colour with controlled responses that leave her guests coming back for more; bringing droves of friends and family to experience being in her chair. She is an artist who forms relationships with her guests that last longer than most marriages and attracts creative people like herself from various sub-cultures and genres to come together and form a collaborative session of the minds, resulting in a joint painting that can be brushed, manipulated and coiffed with fingers run through. No matter who the guest turns out to be they are always left with a rejuvenating experience and a truly unique and beautifully executed work of art that becomes their own. Alix is also a gallery shown and commissioned canvas and textile artist, her graffiti style artwork is created with spray paint, acrylic paint, markers, and pen. She is an artist through and through.

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