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Can’t Decide Between Highlights & A Single Process?

There are so many beauty movements that are constantly developing. With new hair color trends changing as often as the menu at Starbucks, chatting with your stylist is the best way to determine what steps to take when it comes to your hair. Thinking about bangs? Switching up your base shade? Your stylist will have the insight to create a flawless style that is ahead of the trend! Whether you have a plan or are still up in the air about your next appointment it is important to learn about each process so you can make an informed decision. To ease the transition we’re giving you an inside look at the differences between highlights and a single process. This will help you not only get what you want in the salon, but also improve your routine!

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Vegan Haircolor Has Arrived - Just Add Water!

Veganism is about more than just what you put in your body, it also has to do with what you put on your body. While some think that being a vegan is more about what you eat, the purists know that it is about a change in lifestyle. Along with opting for faux leather and vegan cheese, switching out your beauty and lifestyle products are on the list! The problem was, until now, there weren’t too many great choices. While Biolage has already offered up amazing options for those looking for vegan shampoo’s, conditioners, and styling products – now they are also adding haircolor to the list! That’s right; Biolage has just launched a plant-based haircolor line – the perfect answer for those looking for a vegan option that also delivers seamless results.

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Find The Best Fringe For Your Hair Type

There is no one size fits all perfect style for everyone. And, while long layers may look lovely on one client, a bob may look better on another. The most important aspect of coming up with a new style usually falls within the consultation and this season, with everyone falling for fringe – a consultation is key. Getting down to the nitty-gritty of your client’s lifestyle, their hair texture, routines, and styling habits are key to ensuring they love their style on day two as much as they did on day one.

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Color Protection When You Need It Most

The sun is a mystery to most – it can make your skin darker and hair lighter. For color-treated clients, it simply makes it fade. Sun protection has been a common topic between Millennial’s and gen-x-ers alike, but as that conversation moves from skin protection to hair protection not as many clients are as well versed. Any client who colors their hair knows that it is an investment, but how many are committed to the upkeep? A great finish is one part stylist and one part of home care. Color may start in the salon, but the longevity of it is determined by the actions taken once they leave. To create more trust between stylist and client it is important to educate them on just what steps to take! Keep reading to hear our top tips for color protection when you need it most.

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Talking About Tone – Our Top Tips For Client Consultations

I think we can all agree that sometimes there are miscommunications behind the chair. An inch to a stylist may feel like a yard to a client and one person’s red can be another person’s orange. While communication and understanding between stylists’ are usually close to the same perspective, clients are another story. How many times have you had a client sit in your chair and tell you that they want “golden” highlights, only to witness their dismay when the color comes out “warmer” than they would have hoped. That’s why we’re detailing our top tips for client consultations when it comes to talking about tone!

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Why You Should Be Asking For A Bond Protector At Your Next Color Appointment

All over the world men and women alike are settling into a new season. Welcoming in the summer sun by scheduling salon appointments to modify their style. While some are settling for trims or transformational cuts others are turning their look up a notch with a fresh new shade. Whether asking for balayage, baby-lights, foil-yage or teasylights one thing is for certain – you should be asking your stylist for a bond protector at your next color appointment.

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Live Your Color At Matrix Destination 2020!

As hair trends come and go and new techniques, formulas and styling hacks are discovered it has become increasingly important for hairstylists to invest in their education. Whether you’re looking to master the fundamentals or add a few new tips and tricks to your skill set – in person education is the best way to do it!  Combining education and inspiration, Matrix Destination 2020 is one of the top events to attend!

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April Showers Bring May Shades

Admittedly, this was a long winter. The month of January felt like it was a year long and as we waited for the groundhog to finally peek its little head out we retreated inside with sweaters and beanies. As the frost begins to melt, flowers have peaked their beautiful little heads and it is finally warm enough to strut our favorite spring fashion. After racking up an online shopping extravaganza, don’t forget that you’re going to need the styles and shades to go along with it. Keep reading to hear all about our favorite May shades to don with your most street worthy styles!

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Hair Colors That Go Hand In Hand With Your Anti-Aging Efforts

When it comes to anti-aging efforts, we usually look to skincare to close the gap between our needs and wants. What we should really be updating is our hair! Which is why we’re taking a peek at the hair colors that go hand in hand with your anti-again efforts! 


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