3575c473d913e2b0d118 5 ways to wear a scarf

With shows like Valentino, Marc Jacobs and Dior all paying homage to the 60s, it is inevitable that these classic designs will be prominent in our trends this year. While we anticipate these inspired styles to make an entrance there are ways to get a jump start with your hair. In this tutorial, the ever-talented Valerie Alessandro shows us 5 ways to wear a scarf in your style this season. Follow along below and prepare to be inspired!

1. Style your hair half up half down, wrapping the top up into a topknot tying the scarf around the knot. 

2. At the start of your Dutch braid, tie a scarf onto one of the 3 pieces and carefully weave through the braid until you reach the bottom. This gives your braid a pop of color and dimension.

3. Opting for a low bun? Start off with a low pony, tie a scarf around the section, then make a braid with your scarf and twist it around to make a bun, and pin to secure.

4. Pressed for time? Create a low bun and simply tie a scarf around your style to give it some flare!


5. Dress up your topknot! This is a simple way to turn a go-to style into a chic statement look! After creating your top knot and securing in place, gracefully wrap the scarf around the top knot, tie a loose knot and then repeat to keep the scarf off of your neck. 


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