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It’s all about the algorithm. No one really knows what it is, how often it changes but by keeping up to date with the latest information out there, you can help grow your social engagement and in turn your business. “Do you feel like you aren’t growing your business as fast as you’d like to?  Reevaluate your social media game, a couple of key changes can help make your business rise above the clutter and increase customer interaction,” says Blake Reed Evans, Sam Villa Ambassador and salon owner @blakereedevans.


Evans’ Top Social Media Updates:

  1. Bio - Revisit your bio, make it short and fun to read, and break up text with bolded words, ALL CAPS, and relevant emojis.  Include your name, salon (tag their handle), location, pronouns, and specialties, along with a high-quality smiling headshot.
  2. Frequency - Success is based on quality, frequency, and consistency. Post a minimum of 4 times a week to your feed and 3-5 times a day on your stories. Staying consistent keeps followers engaged.
  3. Video - Only posting pictures is considered below average, it’s time to focus on video, the best performing ones are 8-15 seconds long. Content should include how to quickly “solve problems” for followers/clients, i.e., how to use dry shampoo properly or prevent color fading at the beach.  One of the biggest sellers in our salon is the Sam Villa brushes because of a video I posted on how to use different round brushes.  
  4. Request to Follow - When was the last time you asked your clients to follow you and your salon on IG/FB? It’s time for an 8-week challenge!  Ask every client that sits in your chair the magical question, “Are we connected on social?” Let them know why they should follow you: “I post my last-minute availability” … “I run promos on social only so you can save money on your favorite products!”
  5. Personality - How do you stand out in a saturated space like social media? The answer is YOU. Your clients can get a touch-up ANYWHERE but what makes them come to YOU is your personality and how you make them feel. It’s important to share that online so potential clients can get an idea of who you are and what their experience would be like. You can do that by sharing pictures of yourself working with captions about why you love your clients.
  6. Experience - What are you doing to make visits with you more of an experience? Recent studies have shown that 86% of consumers would spend MORE on a product/service for a better customer service experience. Is it time to offer a name-brand bottle of water… a signature scalp massage? Is it time for you to invest in quality robes for your color clients?  If so, be sure to post it!