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Just ask generation Alpha — everything 90s is back and better than ever with a modern twist. Upgrading the messy 90s bun, a staple in all our favorite romcoms and worn by the likes of Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian. Currently, the style is being put back on the map thanks to Hailey Bieber and FKA Twigs.  Caralee Pridemore, Sam Villa Ambassador and Founder of Sweetly Pinned @caraleestyles, adds that this trend is making the rounds for bridal season and shares how to create her perfectly messy 90’s bun for brides.

“The shape of this style is so flattering from all angles. You have the loose pieces in the front flattering the face and the highest part of the bun is usually textured and pulled apart making the face appear smaller and more proportionate,” she says.  “Plus, it’s a pretty quick style to achieve, whether you use pins, a claw clip, or other accessories.”

Get The Look: Messy 90s Bun

  • Create extra dimension by using a Sam Villa Signature Textur Professional Texturizing Iron and a texture spray. Then, add 1” or 1.5” curls all over with a Signature Series Spring Curling Iron.
  • Take two sections in the middle of the head. 
  • The first section starts around the crown area, twist up toward the top and direct to the right side (like a French twist).
  • Take the second section under the first and repeat the same steps. The goal is to gather all of the hair in a twisted motion bringing it to the top on the crown.
  • Once all hair is in the crown area, secure with pins/clip or claw.
  • Apply a volume powder and pinch + pull hair apart to give more texture and volume.
  • Leave hair down around the face (face framing pieces) to achieve a sexier look. 

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