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As the seasons begin to change and we trade our summer reading for textbooks and new notepads, we see the styles waive as well. Flowy dresses turn into drapey sweaters and we all need a new cut to go alongside them. Find out our favorite style for fall with these trending cuts!

Grown Out Pixie

Ashley Judd totally rocked this look in the 90s, and now it is back in full effect. Lately we’ve seen this look on Orange Is The New Black star, Amber Rose. She accentuates the androgynous aspect of the new trend and we can’t help but have a hair crush. Her grown out pixie is setting the tone for a new age classic with a feminine yet badass vibe.


Long Shag

The short shag was all the rage this past spring and we still love the shape. To modernize it for the colder months, update it by letting it grow out a bit. Let the length hang around the clavicles with a barely there feel.


Split Bangs 

Full fringe is still as sexy as ever, but just like how we like our nails, the split look is hot. With this look, the shortest layer is still in the middle as the bang area cascades down to the sides. It offers up a 60s vibe with a new age look.


Structured Bob

Anna Wintour doesn’t waive in her style, and for good reason. The classic structured bob is an industry staple. For a perfect weight line you need to concentrate on using a pair of scissors, like dry CUT that can accurately shape on dry hair. The finishing of this look on dry hair is key to making sure every hair is in place. 


Blunt Ends

Similar to the structured bob, blunt ends are here to stay. They give a great full feeling to any hair type and even give beachy waves a fun flair. If you don’t want a huge change, try blunt ends, it is a small change for a different feeling to your entire style.


Be sure to stalk Daniel Roldan on Bangstyle and check out his tools in the store to get the style you desire!