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You turn on the TV and see a commercial of Selena Gomez bouncing around with her luscious locks… Your first thought: “Ugh, why is she so perfect?” Second thought: “How does Gomez's hair look so luscious? How can my hair look like this?” And more importantly, “How can my hair STAY like that?” This thought process is self-defeating but what these commercials don’t tell you is the science behind the sexy… Yes, I said it, beauty is not only skin deep, it’s science-based! What commercials sell you is the sexy but what you need is the science.

First, it is important to use the right products for your hair type. The right products will help your hair both now and later. Think of it this way, you put on sunscreen to protect your skin from damage. Sure, your skin is young and luminous now, but the sunscreen will prevent you from developing diseases and sunspots that emerge with age. It is these types of preventative measures that are critical to achieving healthy hair. 

So, how do you prevent future hair damage? You’ll learn that the most effective products will preserve your hair and maintain scalp vitality. DS Labs creates the latest products that are on the forefront of hair care. Revita Shampoo is the perfect product to fight future hair damage. Revita provides an array of benefits including delaying hair loss and supporting hair restoration. It contains anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, antifungals and anti-hormonal agents. Revita formulation includes cutting-edge ingredients which are vital to maintaining healthy hair. 

But it doesn’t stop with your shampoo. DS Labs offer a variety of other products that prevent hair damage such as their Revita.COR Conditioner. Just like the Revita Shampoo, the conditioner is a high-quality formula that works to prevent hair damage before it starts. Revita.COR Conditioner features a remarkable staying power that helps promote hair growth long after you rinse. It also has stimulating ingredients that penetrate deeper and persist longer than average conditioners. Even better, it continues to work on your scalp and hair for at least 12 hours after you use it. The conditioner works overtime so you don’t have to!

When it comes to hair, asking for forgiveness later simply does not work. In order to have healthy hair later, you must start taking care of your hair now. Your friends here at DS Laboratories work toward producing a luxurious product line that is perfect for achieving and maintaining sexy, healthy hair. The right products can be incorporated into a simple shampoo/conditioning routine that will put you on the fast track to copping hair like Selena Gomez… Now all you need are the vocal skills. 

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