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It’s Monday morning and you accidentally hit snooze on your alarm. You take a quick shower, but you don’t have time to fully dry your hair— slick ponytails are in, right? When you only have 15 minutes, styling your hair may seem impossible. Blowdrying your hair takes too long, especially since it creates frizzy hair that you will have to straighten afterwards.


There’s a new brush on the block that will put an end to your wet hair woes. How, you ask? The answer: a metal makeover. Our Copper Core Thermal Round Brush features a unique copper barrel, which helps to dry hair in less time without damaging or burning it. 


Its design allows for superior temperature control that dries hair 30% faster. Faster drying time benefits not only your hair, but also your hands. Less time spent drying and styling reduces your hand and wrist fatigue. As a result, you will spend less energy on your hair while still obtaining a steal-worthy style. 


Many of you fear the harmful effects of blow-drying your hair on a daily basis. However, this brush not only works to dry your hair faster, it also protects your hair, too. FROMM’s innovative technology enables the brush to broth grip and shine hair while drying; this results in hair that is dried in less time and with less damage. Pair this copper brush with a heat-protectant spray and your blowout will look better than ever. 


The Copper Thermal Brush comes in a variety of sizes including: 3 inches, 2.5 inches, and 1.75 inches. The different brush sizes create a different style for any occasion. The larger 3-inch copper barrel will give your hair heaps of volume, and amp up your morning look. This brush is also a excellent tool to use when getting ready for a night out. The 2.5-inch barrel is perfect for giving your hair more body and creates a classic, everyday style. The resulting style will make you look more awake and ready to conquer the day. For a casual style, the 1.75-inch barrel gives your hair extra bounce, while maintaining a natural look and polished feel.


Pro-tip: When drying your hair, blow-dry it in even sections. This may seem tedious, but it actually helps to dry your hair more quickly and is easier to handle the brush as you go. (Blowouts aren’t just for the professionals.)


Moral of the story: using the right tools will save you precious morning moments. The proper brush will protect your hair, and will also cut down on your styling time. You will never have to leave the house with wet or frizzy hair if you wise-up about your morning routine. So, skip the straightener, pick up your (copper) brush, and be out the door in a flash.

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