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Whether Beyonce started the trend, or we’ve evolved as a culture, “I woke up like this” hair is the hottest trend of the season. Celebrating your texture and embracing others have fueled the hair revival that is, the perm. For decades we’ve been obsessed with just how straight we can get those strands, but now it is about getting treatments that improve the health of your hair and allow you to style hair in seconds.

Lets think about the everyday woman, not what we see on the runway or in ads; but the woman grabbing a quick coffee before work or squeezing in a workout after a long day, what does her hair tell us? Usually that she’s rushed, and doesn’t have time for a proper blowout, but still wants to look put together. She might be piling on products to get rid of her frizz halo from her morning spent walking her dog, or trying to don one of those “wet hair friendly” après gym styles, but she wants what all of us want; to let our hair down and walk out the door looking like a million bucks.  

Although this sounds like a sentiment that only happens in movies, this dream is actually in reach for every woman. Whether you want to add a curl or texture to your hair, or need to calm those curls down, we have the technology to change the odds, ever in your favor. And, just like Beyonce, it starts with a B!


Julianne Hough and Jenna Dewan have already taken the plunge into the perm zone, and it’s only a matter of time before you do too. For the first time in years, textured hair is a part of the “it-girl” club for its ability to give you immediate texture, body, and bounce. However, with any hair service, we need to be aware of its ability to harm your hair, which is why a perm that utilizes the damage-control technology of B3 Brazilian Bond Builder is the best thing since sliced bread.


Prior to perming, be sure to pick up and use the b3 Instant Restore & Protect Reconstuctor to prepare your hair to be in the best shape possible beforehand. During the service, have your stylist add B3 Brazilian Bond Builder to your perm solution and neutralizer to help protect your hair from the damage caused during the perm process, therefore, rebuilding any broken bonds as you give your hair a new, alternate shape.


A perm utilizing b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is the perfect solution for hair that wants a wave but needs to be guarded from damage, and will give those tresses shine, control, and the perfect wave pattern.

Revel in your texture or get a new one with B3!