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With enough education, training, practice and skill, anyone can achieve a gorgeous color. However, achieving beautiful color without damage requires the proper products. colorpHlex is a bond builder that not only improves the color you create, as the #1 Hair Reparative Treatment on the market, it improves your overall hair health.  When hair is healthy; color lasts longer, hair styles better and grows longer and stronger.


With this color creation, Jennifer Negron teaches us how to protect and repair hair while getting the results your client is looking for.


This client had previously lightened her own hair with bleach a week before I met her. The first thing I did was a colorpHlex Stand Alone Treatment on her to help repair her previously damaged strands. Following this, I bleached her hair again with Vivitone's Lumina bleach and Oxyactivator to get her base between a level 8 and 10 Blonde. I then followed this with Colorphlex Step 1 as directed, to repair her hair and even out her porosity before depositing color to receive the desired effects.


Once she was lifted to the desired level I applied Sparks Rose Gold with a drop of Wild Flamingo and melted it into Starbright Silver. Following this I applied colorpHlex Step 2 to finish! Whether my clients are doing simple tones or complex colors I always recommend they use the colorpHlex shampoo and conditioner at home to continue to repair hair and prolong their color.


Every stylist knows what it is like to correct a color and every client knows what their hair feels like if they decide to take matters into their own hands. Using colorpHlex completely changes this outcome for the better. It enhances the way hair looks and feels and in turn the way their color will turn out. colorpHlex is the answer when it comes to enhancing your color technique and offering your clients a way to repair their hair.



Be sure to consult with your stylist on the best color for you and experiment with shades you wouldn’t normally try, because with colorpHlex your hair will stay healthy, shiny, and happy! Stalk colorpHlex on Bangstyle to see all their latest tutorials and inspirations!