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Go behind the scense of a Daniel Roldan shoot to learn what our stylists learn, with a firsthand view from Jennifer Llanas and Pati Rodriguez.


Jennifer Llanas and Pati Rodriguez are an important presence on video shoots for Daniel Roldan Hair Styling Co. The beautiful hair color you see in all of Daniel Roldan’s tutorials are courtesy of Jennifer Llanas, while the intricate STITCH styles are the work of Pati Rodriguez’s prep and vision.



Jennifer Llanas, Matrix Artistic Educator and owner of Chromahair, has worked as the colorist on all Daniel Roldan Hair Styling Co.’s video shoots. She gave her takeaways:

“As a colorist, I learned that I need to add more dimension with dark hair color. When shooting dark hair, lots of light can make the world of difference.

I’m proud of the entire process! Everyone and everything worked beautifully together, from the pre-arrival prep and hair color to the early morning prep from stylists, makeup artists, photographers, models, studio team and everyone else involved in the video shoot. I am grateful and constantly inspired by the passion of entire team. I am honored and blessed to be a part of this talented group.”



Pati Rodriguez, Matrix Bilingual Educator, member of the Matrix Latino Team and salon owner/stylist, shared her experience working with Daniel! Check out her work on Instagram.

“From prepping the hair to the actual video shooting, I learned many things along the way. Unlike other settings like photo shoots, hair shows or the salon environment where you have the ability to continuously work with the hair, the video shoot meant that the hair had to be a one-and-done deal in order for the process to move along. The hair had to not only be beautifully colored, but it had to be polished and workable in front of the cameras.

I am honored that Daniel felt comfortable with us to take charge some of the prep. Daniel also gave me the opportunity to be in front of the camera, which was definitely a proud moment for me as a stylist. Daniel giving me that opportunity showed me how even more strong he is as a stylist that he was able to showcase his team’s strengths.

The entire team behind the cameras made the shoot even more comfortable by taking care of many logistics that let us stylists be creative. All the creativity and success that came from this shoot was by far my proudest moment of the weekend. I'm so proud to be part of an industry that allows for a team like this to come together and be what we all are, GREAT!!”


To see their beautiful styles be sure to stalk Daniel Roldan on Bangstyle and check out all of these inspirations!