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We know. It takes heaps of time to wash, dry, and style your hair. Especially while your iPhone is blowing up with text messages, the dog is barking and you are already late to work. So, you grab for your trusty best friend…. DRY SHAMPOO!  


Ahh, the day you and dry shampoo met. You thought you could never fall in love like that again, but you did. And now, you have officially broken up with your shampoo. It’s over. But, is your new love really the best thing for your hair? How many days can you stay this kinda happy? 


I don’t want to wreck your romance, but you should only be using Dry Shampoo twice before shampooing again. Over use of dry shampoo can build up reside and clog up your follicles. [Insert panic here.] 


We recommend you shampoo twice a week. More if you are oily. Try conditioning before shampooing. It may alleviate your deep desire to avoid the bottle of shampoo like your mom’s meatloaf. Ugh, meatloaf.


Ok, breath, you don’t have to ditch the bottle yet. Just be sure to use dry shampoo to the best of IT’s abilities for it’s ideal results. To get the most out of it, spray it a few inches from your head while sectioning your hair at the root. Then, this is the key… DON’T spray and go! Towel dry it out. Dry shampoo pulls oils and product off your hair. You don’t want it to just sit there. Towel drying will help to remove the excess it’s pulling off the hair giving you a lite fresh feeling. 


Stick to the top, ends tend to be on the dryer side already. Spray at the root and down to the ears, and use a Dry Conditioner on your mid-lengths to ends! And lastly, it’s an aerosol….so treat it like one. Just like your favorite hairspray… spray a few inches away so it can spray out evenly. 


Moral of the story, grab the shower cap of your dreams, shampoo sometimes and use your bud, dry shampoo, the rest. Mix it up a bit. Your hair will thank you! 

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